Sailing goes back as far as prehistoric times - they would use sailboats to travel, fish, and for recreational use. In ancient times, only the privileged classes of Greece, Asia, Egypt, and Rome could be found sailing the extravagant and beautiful sailboats. It was not until the 17th century that sailing became a sport and started to become more popular for the lower class. It is now a sport that is enjoyed by millions around the world, and this number is increasing with each passing year.


About Us

The sailing industry is chock full of competitions, both amateur and professional. Sailboat races come in a wide range of styles such as coastal, single-handed, fleet racing, and around the world. Some of the biggest races in the world include the Cowes Week, Volvo Ocean Race, America’s Cup, Vendée Globe, and Barcolona.

Watching sailing races is really entertaining because there is a lot of skill needed in order to control these boats properly. Some people think that it is as simple as putting the sail into the wind and then letting the wind do all of the work, but it is a lot more difficult than that. It is a skill that can take many years to master properly.

However, when it comes to watching boat races, there is one major issue and this is that as soon as the boats disappear over the horizon, family members, friends, and yachting enthusiasts are no longer able to see the race or know what is happening until all of the boats come into view of the finish line. This is obviously pretty annoying, but it is no longer as much of an issue thanks to our Flagship Race Tracking technology.

In our opinion, with the technology that is available today, it was nothing short of a disgrace that nothing had been developed to ensure that family members, friends, and fans could see what was happening throughout the entire race. For yacht clubs that are hosting these races, our technology provides them with an affordable opportunity to improve their race and boost its popularity through dedicated web users. This service of ours also gives them the chance to get a sponsorship as their race now has the means to make a measurable return for the sponsors.

Satellite Data Transceiver

So, now that we have explained what our technology does, we are now going to take a bit of time to explain how it works. The satellite data transceiver, also known as a transponder, is a fully automated and self-contained unit. It is so small that it will not add any extra weight to your boat at all or cause any type of hindrance. All the skipper of the boat has to do is attach it to the stern, and it is good to go.

Once it has been switched on, signals are sent to a satellite, and then everyone can watch the show on the Internet. If need be, we even have the power to turn it on and off for you. If you want to find out more about how sailing satellite and radio communication systems work, then we recommend that you take a look at this link because there is plenty of useful and interesting information.

Race Tracking via Our App

Nowadays, you can get an app for absolutely anything it seems. We are not even joking here…how many times has someone told you something along the lines of, “oh, there is an app for that?” It is cringe to hear this because it is such a cliche thing to say, but it is the truth. A quick search on Google will reveal apps that track and monitor a woman’s period, an app where the only aim is to see how long you can hold a big yellow button down for, and there is even an app that you can install that will block anything Kardashian related from appearing on your mobile - okay, we must admit that we like this one.

So, since there is an app for everything, as we have just proven above, we thought that it would be a nice touch to develop an app for our satellite data transceiver. This app is for those yacht owners who have purchased one of our tracking devices, and it will send you awesome information such as the number of people that have tuned in to watch the race you are participating in (if you are indeed taking part in a race) as well as detailed weather forecasts, which can help you plot a better route to avoid expensive sail and boat damage.

Perhaps, most importantly, it will also send updates to your loved ones to let them know that all is good. This is great as it means that your friends and family members can rest easy when you are at sea because they know that you are safe. It is always great to have various communication options when out at sea. We know exactly what a sailor needs when out at sea because we are all professional sailors with plenty of years of experience under our belts.

You can find our app on the Apple and Google Play Store, and it is totally free – it does not matter what Android device you have; you will be able to download it on your device.


Race News

As sailors ourselves, we watch plenty of yacht races and we even do a bit of boat racing betting every now and then. In our opinion, there is nothing more thrilling than putting some money on a boat to win a race and then following that boat throughout the race, cheering them on to the finish line – hopefully in first place.

When it comes to betting on boat racing, you can jump right in and start betting without doing any of your own research, but doing this will only lead to you losing more money than you end up winning. We do not only want to help you out when it comes to tracking technology for races, but as fellow boat racing enthusiasts, we also want to help you win some extra cash if you decide to bet on some yacht races.

Therefore, when it comes to the biggest sailing events in the world, we will provide you with free news on this site of ours. Whether it the sailing at the Olympic Games or the America’s Cup World Series or the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race or the IRC/ORC World Championships, you will find some great information about it on this site. We might even throw in our predictions for you if we have the time.

Cruising Services

While we are a company that is dedicated to all things sailing, we also provide a number of services for cruise ships.

When it comes to cruise ships, one of the main things that they need to do is keep track of all of their passengers. A cruise ship obviously does not want to leave anyone behind, so how do they go about making sure that this does not happen? Well, the main way is with a cruise card, which is scanned by a staff member when you embark or disembark. Now, the main issue with this is that these cards can get lost, which can cause a number of issues.

So, we decided to develop some wearable cruise technology that will make things a lot easier for cruise ships. The cruise ships just need to install our technology on their ship and then give each guest a wristband, and the technology will then detect within seconds who is on board and who is not on board.

We have other ideas in the pipeline, so please be sure to check back with us regularly to see what new innovations we have come up with.

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